interim ceo

Driving Change and Growth

With over 25 years Leadership experience, our Managing Director, Mike Montgomery, is very successful at driving change and growth with mid market companies. His leadership focus is building a team with a disciplined methodology for operating the business. Mike transforms people and organizations by implementing a solutions and growth focused culture to execute on the strategic plan. Mike has been a successful CEO, COO, CFO and Entrepreneur who knows what great leadership looks like.

We embed in organizations and become an integral part of the leadership team. We identify issues and determine solutions while implementing improvement initiatives. We positively affect culture and address people challenges head on. 

Good reasons to use our Interim CEO services:

  • Company needs professional CEO to create culture and drive change
  • Company needs to re-energize or modify Leadership Team
  • Company needs an operational turnaround
  • Current team isn't quite capable of executing on growth opportunity
  • Sales process needs revamped to meet potential of market opportunity
  • Ownership needs to hire permanent President or CEO and it takes time to onboard
  • Pre or Post Merger with successor CEO not identified
  • Financial turnaround with realistic growth opportunity



Our Leadership Philosophy

Getting the right people doing the right things is paramount to success. Smart people can determine what the right things are, the challenge is getting the right people to execute. 

Team Building

The right team with the right leadership will be intensly focused on creating a culture that maximizes opportunity. 

Strategic Planning

Creating a strategic plan is great but you have to have a disciplined process for executing on it. We build and execute a roadmap by defining in detail what will be done when and by whom. We break this down to a weekly process and have had great results hitting goals.

Previous Interim c-Level Engagements


 Hired as Interim CEO to fix operations as well as grow revenues and profit. We successfully doubled revenue and increased profit margin by 40%. We were then asked to sell the company for Private Equity ownership resulting in a 35% increase over expected valuation. 


 Hired as Interim COO to fix operational challenges and streamline productivity.  HydraMaster is a subsidiary of  Publicly Traded Nilfisk. 


As head of Operations for Tully's Coffee, we helped turn the Company around to being profitable from operations for the first time in its history. 


As COO and CFO of OpenSquare, we successfully shepharded the Company through 52% growth and major operational challenges including growing the employee base to over 300 employees and 200 contactors.


As CEO of Wheeler Foods, we created a scalable operating system and doubled revenues. We successfully sold this business to an industry buyer.


AS President of a Business Services Firm, we re-engineered the operating platform and developed a sustainable and scalable infrastructure. We completed two strategic acquisitions for the Company and were integral in historic growth Nationwide.